Wk3-Art Experience-Snapchat


I use snapchat about everyday and I never really used the drawing option until we were assigned to do it as an art experience. It was pretty interesting seeing the different colors you can use and the different things you can so with your fingers. The first two are mine and the second are Symone Pallett and Rosa Velazquez. For my first one with the little girl, I was imitating this video that has been on social media with a little girl constantly asking what she did for her to be in trouble. The video is pretty funny to me and when I saw the photo of the little girl at the gallery, I instantly thought of the video. For my second picture, I just did simple smiley faces around her to show that I was happy to be exploring the gallery with her. Symone’s picture is of me and Rosa’s pick is of the characters in the chair. I really like what Rosa did with the chairs. Definitely something that I would have not thought of myself. Besides the taking Snapchats of the gallery, viewing the gallery was interesting and pretty cool too.




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