Wk3- Artist Conversation- Joshua Vasquez


Artist: Joshua Vasquez
Exhibition: Vida/Morte
Media: Ceramics, Glass, Mixed-Media, Installation

Vasquez’s exhibition showed many black and bold drawings of things like skulls and flowers. For some of his drawing he looks like he used pencil to draw the images out. There were many curves and less of straight lines. It looks pretty 3D in my opinion and I’m still curious of how he makes it look like that. The drawings made me feel as if they related to hip hop because of the bold and dark colors they used which made me think of graffiti. It seemed like he put a smaller drawing in behind the transparent drawing which is intro of it. Either way, the painting were 

Vasquez uses the combination of life and death in his paintings which is very rare yet very fascinating. In his drawings he illustrates flowers as life and skulls as death using black and white colors to also symbolize opposites coming together. The fonts of the drawing are bold and black and he uses clear plastic bags as his base to show the life span of the drawings. He also scattered dead flowers on top of paper to show the life span of that. Because the marker is on plastic, the drawing will it not survive and that goes for the flower on top of the paper as well. 

I was pretty much in awe while walking through the his exhibition. The drawers and dead flowers made me feel sad but I couldn’t take my eyes off of his work. It made me realize even more that nothing lasts forever and that things will have to come to an end. It also doesn’t matter that it ended because at least it happened. The combination of life and death is real because life is given everyday and sadly life is taken away from people everyday as well. 


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