Wk4-Classmate Conversation- Rosa Velasquez


This week, I had the pleasure of getting to know Rosa Velazquez. We realized that we had two other class together as well which is great whenever we wanna discuss art! Rosa is from Long Beach so she also commutes which is one thing we have in common. She loves going on adventures and likes looking at art as well. Rosa enjoys viewing art galleries although she doesn’t as much as she would like to. Maybe that can be something that we do together! Her favorite things to do in her spare time is go out with her friends to parties or clubs and eating tacos! I love tacos too so that is definitely another thing we have in common. After graduation with a degree in international business, Rosa would love to travel the world. Her back up plan is to be a cop so that she can help keep the community safe. Getting to know Rosa was awesome! I can’t wait until we get together, discuss art, and eat tacos!


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