Wk4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan
Exhibition: Weight of Whimsey & Ideals
Media: Ceramics, Sculptures
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: http://www.cargocollective.com/samueljernigan
Instagram: @samueljenri

The artist I had the honor of interviewing this week is recent graduate, Samuel Jernigan. Jernigan graduated last semester  from CSULB with a BFA in the ceramics program. He enjoys reading comics, playing his guitar, and eating chocolate donuts with nuts. Jernigan seems extremely ambitious and spends up to 14 hours working in his art studio.

Jernigan’s art work is very different from the previous artist I interviewed. The sculpture pieces are of toys that vary from looking sad and happy in my opinion. Some sculptures look smoother than others and some look more colorful than others. A lot of the body parts were not put together on the tops which can show that they were destroyed and possibly not perfect. Many of the colorful sculptures looked similar to cartoon type of characters which looks really cool and interesting to observe.

While walking through his exhibit, I was a bit confused at first. I did not know what the sculptures were supposed to represent. After hearing Jernigan explain his work, I then found out that the sculptures were represented as toys. He got his inspiration at a flee market that he went to one time. He found interest in a section of beat up toys they had just laying there at the market. He mentioned that he bought the toys and kept them for a year studying them and that is how he came up with the idea to make this exhibit. He explained to us that the toys were supposed to make you feel some what sentimental because they all of the expectations from the toys did not come true. He also explains that hard and soft meet in his work which creates a gravity type of language.

The toys did make me feel sad for them in a way. The more colorful ones looked like they did have a bit of life in them, but the pieces that were not put together looked like they’re lives were taken away. The exhibit was definitely interesting to view though. I walked through the exhibit before we interviewed Jernigan so my first impression did not compare to my second. After hearing his explanations about his work, I went back to view it and see if I can feel what he was talking about. Walking around the exhibit after talking to him completely changed my view of the pieces.


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