Wk6-Art Experience- Photowalk

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This week, the class did our photowalk and it was pretty awesome! I walked with Dorothyrose McMahon and her goal was to go to all of the areas on campus that dealt with water. We went to The Lough Memorial Fountain, The Claire Falkenstein sculpture, and the Japanese Garden. My favorite was the Japanese Garden! I took many pictures of the mini waterfalls and the fish in the pond. The garden is definitely peaceful which is cool if you want to get away and do homework while watching the scenery. That was my first time visiting the garden and I know it is not my last. The beauty of it is so worth visiting maybe once or twice a month. I also really liked the theme of water. It made the walk much more interesting knowing what we were supposed to capture rather than capturing what ever we wanted to. It is nice that we have many areas with water because I think that it gives our campus life. We got to really focus on things that we always walk past and never really take the time to stop and look. Our campus is so beautiful and I never really noticed until the day of the walk. I am extremely glad that I was able to do this in this class.


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