Wk7-Art Experience- Group Video Activity

This week we did a little something that had to do more with my major. We made a video! I used to edit videos in high school for my school’s newspaper so I really like to do it. For our video we planned on going around campus filming squirrels and then putting a voice over over them to give the squirrels a little more character. Well when it came to filming, we did not find one squirrel which was rare because I usually see them everywhere. So we had to think fast and we came up with the idea of filming the Japanese Garden and putting really dramatic music with it. We wanted to film the beauty of nature and give a sort of dramatic mood. We filmed with our phones so the quality does not seem that good and I did not know how to fix that in Adobe Premiere. Overall, I had a great time with Symone Pallett and Shannon McGuinness and the video was pretty fun to film.



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