Hello beautiful creatures! My name is Avalon Sveaar and I live on Moonbase Alpha! I am part human, mermaid, and alien. I’ve spent most of my whole life her on Moonbase Alpha. My mother is a mermaid that lives in Alpha Ocean where I spend most of my time, and my father is half human and alien that moved down here from Earth to become connected with the rest of our alien family. I absolutely love who I am. It’s like I have three different roles. I can go hang out with my sea friends, awesome alien friends, and my human friends as well! In my spare time I enjoy going on adventures with my friends and finding cool things to make jewelry with. I have an obsession with making things. I like to get crafty and sell them to my wonderful friends. One of my friends Rosetta is my best costumer! She loves buying my jewels. She also looks absolutely beautiful in them as well! 3 times a week I am a student at Nemo University. I am a fashion major there and will soon graduate at the end of the semester. I currently work at GalaxyBucks as a barista and I get to create beautiful drinks. I also work for Princess Brownish as her stylist. I always make her look AMAZING! Working with her is so much fun and she adores my work just as much as I adore her. When I am not working for in school, I like to hang out with my great friend  Royal Moby! Royal Moby is not from here and he is from Neptune! I like to show him around and show him the beauty of Moonbase Alpha! Here on Moonbase Alpha is wonderful! You can do so much and meet so many different individuals. I will definitely live here forever.


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