WK12- Classmate Conversation-Dorothyrose McMahon


This week I spoke with Dorothyrose McMahon and learned some awesome things about her. Dorothyrose is a Junior here at Long Beach and she is a film major just like me! She is specializing in production design and wants to be a production designer. Dorothyrose has had a passion for film ever since she was younger. Her favorite film is The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and her favorite director is Joss Whedon. Dorothyrose is actually not from here but grew up in Connecticut until she was 15 and then moved to Humboldt County, in northern California,  with her mom, stepdad, older brother, and three dogs. She now lives in Long Beach for college. One interesting thing about Dorothyrose is that she studied abroad in Germany last semester and it was an awesome experience for her. She also recommends that everyone should study abroad if they can.



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