Wk13- Art Experience- Art Care Package (ACP)



For this experience we were supposed to make a Art Care Package and send it to someone in the class. I sent mine to Jing Huan Ooi! The package contained a scantron, sunscreen, registered voting receipt, a brochure of the arts program,a ring, and a description for a Lokai bracelet. When creating this package, I was unsure of what to send. Then I started to look around my room and finally came up with these items. It was easier than I thought just because this experiences allows us to send about anything.

I think that sending an APC is different from sending a snapchat based on the fact that the APC is more planned whereas a snapchat is a bit random and sent in the moment. However, sending a APC can be similar to sending a snapchat because in both cases you are sending something that is supposed to be open.

I think ephemera is really interesting! It’s cool looking back at something that was made years ago. However it is not as appreciated as it should be and I think because people look at it as ancient history that means nothing now.

There is a difference between art that is seen in a museum and art like the APC. An APC is more private and personal rather than an art piece in a museum.

Snapchat and APC are just different. Snapchat is a social media source and sometimes can be used to send video or messages to people in a fast way. It is made to be fast where as a APC is not made to be sent fast. The two are completely different in my opinion.


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