Wk13-Artist Conversation-Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: N/A
Media: Mixed Media, Plaster, Wood, Random Objects
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Website: N/A
Instagram: Nickbamf4d

This week I spoke with Nick Bamford who is from Huntington Beach. Bamford is student here at Long Beach and planning to graduate this spring. He is apart of the Ceramics program and has had an interest in it every since he took a course back in high school. He would like to get his masters at either UCLA or Yale. Bamford feels that his sculptures reflect everyday life.

Bamford’s sculptures really stand out! When I entered the exhibit the first thing that struck me was the bright neon colors. I assumed that the lights were used to capture the audience’s attention. Everything about the sculptures seemed so chaotic.  There were many different objects stacked on top of each other and it was a bit hard to tell what these pieces were trying to convey. The sculptures were also well balanced. He had what looked like the heaviest objects on top leaving the smaller objects at the bottom which seemed really cool to me.

Bamford’s art is very unique and not like most art we’ve seen in these exhibits. He really wanted to do something that most artist do not do. One technique that he mentioned was the use of black light. The black light is unlikely used but Bamford uses it in this exhibit and it seemed to turn out great with his sculptures. He uses different types of shapes and sizes to also convey his unique art. Bamford mentions that his art kind of speaks for itself and all he does is help the art speak rather speaking for the art.

When I entered the exhibit for some reason the theme reminded me of halloween and entering a haunted house. The sculptures did not look that scary, it was mostly the darkness of the whole room that made me thing of halloween. I thought that his sculptures were really interesting and I loved how he used neon colors. I wish that I would have taken a closer look at the objects that he used but mostly I just observed from a distance to get a glance at the whole thing. Although his worked seemed a big chaotic, I could tell that he did put a lot into it and that showed so much about his character.


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