Wk14-Art Experience- Sketching in the Garden



For this art experience it was really difficult for me because drawing is not my forte. Mostly because I pretty much suck at it. I tried the best that I could in the time that I had. I also had a hard time dealing with abstract photos and drawings. I did not really understand the definition of abstract and how to interpret it in drawings or photos. For my drawings, I tried to draw the drawings just like how I saw the images. I tried to be very descriptive. For the abstract I tried to be more creatively visual and play around with it. For the photos, I really had no idea how to do abstract photos so I just took regular photos hoping that they will look abstract. I would like to talk more about abstract in the future so that I can understand how to do it next time. Overall I enjoyed working in the garden because it it really peaceful there. This activity was really calm and I think that is what we all need since finals is around the corner.


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